When you start adding up school fees, books, sports gear, uniforms and all the other expenses that go along with sending your child off to school at the beginning of each school year it can be quite a sobering revelation. If you have more than one school-age child it can be a nightmare. You can relieve some of that financial pressure with a School Fees Finance from Unicredit Coop. Unicredit Coop, has helped families meet school obligations with small personal loans.

A School Fees Finance from Unicredit Coop has no hidden or ongoing fees, nor are there penalties for an early payout. Financial options from which to choose a suitable repayment schedule are readily available for your perusal and no restrictions or conditions are placed on how you are to disburse your approved funds. Unicredit Coop believes you are the best person to make those decisions.  Applicants need to be at least 18 years of age, hold valid photo identification, proof of income, have a current bank account and be able to show there are no previous loan defaults.   This and many more we do at Unicredit Coop, you can count on us for your travel ticket assistance with a flexible condition.

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